When we do business as a people we sit in a circle. Have you ever wondered why? Culturally we are all connected in the circle, there are no literally corners to hide (it is not a square). We are the oldest living culture in the world, the original entrepreneurs if you like, using that modern business label. We have been doing business for more than 70,000 years, and we are a resilient people. We continue today to fit our ways of doing our business into the modern governance practices and structures you see in 21st century Australia. We always adapt.

The purpose of Thuulu Wii and why Ngiyani were so committed to hosting this first national black business alliance portal in Australia was very much about genuinely advancing an economic movement for us First Nation peoples.

Ngiyani has published articles in the past on this, and as authors we are always pretty loath to speak of our people from a point of deficit and disadvantage. We really despise things like divisive videos that circulate social media that paint us mob as a bunch of dole ridden, alcoholics and social misfits. At Ngiyani though, and through Thuulu Wii we are committed to profiling the many wonderful brothers and sisters out there, both in our communities, and in the business world keeping it real everyday, and just getting on with it (business).

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